The Salsa Bug

To describe the salsa bug really is to describe an addiction.

I am always curious to know why some people catch the salsa bug so much more seriously then … Read More

Helper Outing

At the end of every semester I host a celebration and appreciation day for all our helpers and … Read More

Kimberly’s Guest Post

Come out to the Tuesday night practices and make new dance friends, practice your skills and build your salsa confidence!

I love getting different people’s thoughts and perspectives so I have asked Kimberly, an Assistant Instructor at Toronto … Read More

Performance Class

Performance classes can really transform your dancing.

I try to answer as many questions on my blog as possible and I have been getting many … Read More

Salsa student romance

I feel just a little bit responsible for the new romance and I love it!

I think if I ever decide on a new career it will be match-making because I love it … Read More

Tuesday Night Practice Sessions

This is a time to come and practice your moves.

Great news! We have opened up an hour practice session Tuesday evenings from 9-10pm at the Adelaide Club … Read More