Now things are really heating up.

Ready to take things to the next level? More moves means a better time on the floor.

We step up our game to prove we’re capable of more.
More combos and more confidence to show off at socials.
Not precision or perfection — discovering the best in ourselves.
Evolve your rhythm and never stop learning.

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Bachata Levels 2–4
class schedule

Day & TimeClass Name & InstructorStart Date & DurationAvailability
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Bachata Level 3

Aleksander Saiyan
July 9 - September 3 -  9 weeks

1hr x 9wks

Completion of Bachata Lvl 2 or ASSESSMENT!
Latest Update:
🔥 35% FULL! 🔥

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Bachata Level 3

Aleksander Saiyan
May 29 - July 24 -  9 weeks

1hr x 9wks

Completion of Bachata Lvl 2 or ASSESSMENT!
Latest Update:
🔥 65% FULL! 🔥



Bachata Level 2

Level 2a and 2B
Theme: Turn Patterns / Variations

Learn the finer points of the body movement, lead and follow technique and musicality of the sensual and romantic dance of bachata. New turn patterns are introduced each class with a focus on styling, body rhythm, timing and execution. We’ll also spend time on developing musicality and learning where and how to add accents, dips and holds to spice up the dance. The 2 variations for this course will introduce you to different material.

To register, you must have completed Bachata level 1 with Toronto Dance Salsa or are placed here after an assessment.


Aleksander Saiyan

Salsa and Bachata Instructor
TDS Operations



Bachata isn’t about precision or perfection

it’s about owning the moment, making connections and finding your flow.

The number of students and the style of teaching just cannot be beat. To me it is the best.
Arye L.

Continue your journey. We’re just getting started.

The fun doesn’t stop. Let bachata take you further. Toronto to Miami. Havana to Hong Kong.
Join the movement danced worldwide.

Feel those vacation vibes wherever you go.