I love getting different people’s thoughts and perspectives so I have asked Kimberly, an Assistant Instructor at Toronto Dance Salsa, to guest blog for me today about her thoughts of being a new student. Here is her post – enjoy! Sharon

“There’s something very vulnerable and humbling about learning how to dance. When you start out, you’re body feels like it’s moving rather awkwardly as it learns to find the clave, trying to coordinate hands with feet, while incorporating smooth body movements and proper leading and following. And on top of it all….trying to remember all the moves learned in class!

It can be especially intimidating going to a nightclub, where everyone around you seems to be mastering all of the moves with ease. It might be hard to imagine this, but every single amazing dancer started as an awkward beginner at some point. The only factors separating the advanced dancers from the beginners are time and practice. When I began dancing, I was intimidated by the salsa clubs as I marveled at the amazing dancers multiple spinning and flicking their hair around the dance floor.

All I wanted was a place to dance at my own pace with people I knew, at least until I built enough confidence and courage to get out to the clubs. This is why I’m excited that Toronto Dance Salsa is piloting the new salsa practice session. It’s a place where dancers of all levels can get a feel for social dancing, brush up on their leading and following and also ask for tips from the instructors and helpers.

The first practice session was great as I was able to dance with many beginner dancers and help out where ever I could. Emely and I encouraged people to rotate often so that the students could get used to asking people to dance! My hope for the Toronto Dance Salsa Practice is to help bridge a transition from classroom dancing to nightclub dancing, because that’s where the fun, passionate love affair with salsa will truly develop!

Come out to the Tuesday night practices and make new dance friends, practice your skills and build your salsa confidence! Hope to see you on the dancefloor soon.