Ask Aleks #1

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, I’m super excited. We’re starting a brand new series called Ask Aleks. I’m Aleks, obviously. I’m gonna be answering your questions, whether it’s salsa related or our school related.

Here we go!

So the first question, pop the champagne, is, “What do I wear to a salsa class?”

My rule of thumb is wear whatever you would to a coffee shop when you meet a friend, right? So obviously, you’re not gonna wear a bathrobe and obviously, you’re probably not going to wear a suit, unless you’re coming from work.

Jeans, t-shirt, tank top, whatever you feel comfortable in is great choice for you to wear, obviously unless you’re coming from work, wear whatever you wear at work.

In terms of shoes, my go-to thing is your shoe just needs to keep your foot in place. So things like sandals might not always be great, slippers, obviously are not a great choice, and ideally, it’s something that has a little bit of a smooth surface, so not rubber like a running shoe, though it’s fine at the beginning salsa level one.

Ideally, you want something that you can turn in that has a smooth surface, so things like boots, probably really heavy, so it won’t be comfortable for you to wear. If it’s winter time and you’re coming to class, maybe bring another pair of shoes in a bag that you can change here at the studio.

Other than that, your imagination is the limit! I’m looking forward to seeing what you wear, and I hope to see you soon on the dance floor.

If you have a question for our series, Ask Aleks, leave it in the comments below, and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

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