On Sept 29th several Toronto Dance Salsa helpers and instructors were asked to teach salsa at the Nuit Blanche Festival. With an unbelievable turn out, Vince Ng, Janice Somera, Kim Robinson and Rob Hsu taught over 350 attendees how to salsa in 10 minutes. Because there were so many people coming in and out, their slogan was “Salsa in 10 Minute” and teach they did for 3 hours from 8-11pm – as hundred of people came in and enjoyed the Latin rhythms.

For those who were not part of the festival, here is some info on the Hot Spot which is where the salsa dancing was held:

“Hot Spot is an all-night salsa dance party with lessons, where Colombia’s current political crisis will be evoked through sound, video and text, questioning our role as spectators, dancers and consumers of “Latino” culture and images in the First World.”

Thanks to Rob for sharing this information and to Janice for the photo!