I am always curious to know why some people catch the salsa bug so much more seriously then others. I have been doing this for many years now and I can see it right away when the salsa bug hits a student. Most students love to come to classes and really enjoy the outings but it is only about 5% of the students that really catch the obsessive salsa bug which I suffered from for many years!

I think it mainly comes down to a few factors. Salsa fills something in your life that was missing. For me, I had never been musically or artistically talented and always wished I had been so when salsa came into my life, I was so excited that I found a way to express my love of music in an artistic and creative fashion. For some people, it is the social aspect – so many new and interesting people to meet in such a simple way, what could be better? For others, it is the physical challenge and the adrenaline rush of the exercise. It really is a high that is hard to beat.

To describe the salsa bug really is to describe an addiction. I would dance 6-7 nights a week for the maximum amount of time possible. I would close the club every night. I would get upset if a work or family obligation forced me to miss an evening of dancing. I couldn’t imagine not dancing.

I see this “bug” in some of my students and many of my helpers. It is fun to watch because you know they are in for an amazing ride filled with great exercise and challenge and new social relationships and friendships. There isn’t much you can take for this bug – just have to let it ride out!