The last couple of weeks I have had my first classes with about 400 students. They have been amazing – great natured, ready for a good time and focused on learning.

Many students want to get some extra practice so here are so places to go salsa dancing:

1) Toronto Dance Salsa Practice Session – every Monday beginning October 29th there will be an hour practice session at the Adelaide Club (Bay & Adelaide) where an instructor and several helpers will be around to dance, ask questions, catch up on a missed class, etc. Only $4 for the hour!

2) Toronto Dance Salsa Outings – every two weeks on different weekend evenings we take all our students out to local salsa clubs. We have a workshop for an hour where we teach you cool new turnpatterns and then everyone social dances. What is great is that the crowd is all students so you feel comfortable and not intimidated. Our first outing is this Sunday, Sept 30th at 7pm at Montana Lounge.

3) Toronto Salsa Practice Session – this is not a Toronto Dance Salsa event but we highly recommend it. On Saturdays at Trinity Church downtown there is a big practice session – it is cheap and fun and purely for practice and enjoyment:

4) At any of our great salsa clubs – my favourite club is Babaluus in Yorkville but don’t go on Friday or Saturday as it is too packed. Sunday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are a better option. Check out the list of clubs available by clicking here.

5) At home! You can grab one of our level 1 DVDs and practice at home on your own or with a friend.

Hope this helps…get out and dance!