We are HIRING!

Interested in making
A Positive Impact?

Canada’s Largest Salsa Dance school is looking to train and hire the next generation of dance instructors.

At Toronto Dance Salsa we believe everyone belongs on the dance floor.

Given enough support, we take people with 2 left feet and show them they CAN dance. Our mission is to help every human being feel like they #belong.

Every class at our school starts with high fives as we welcome our students, offering them a question of the day, a fun dancing experience, and end-of-class huddles.

Classes always end with instructors sharing personal stories to inspire and help students feel, at a minimum, less alone in this world and ultimately be inspired to make positive changes in their lives.

We will coach and train you in our style of teaching, including how to be an amazing communicator and storyteller.

We are looking for caring, energetic, positive human beings that want to use dance to help people transform.

A minimum of 1-year dance experience is required for this position.

If you are interested, send the information below to: [email protected]

Send a cover letter, with your experience and why you want to join our family.

Send 1 video of you dancing (socially, performance etc.)

Send 1 video of you teaching (Either in a class you have done or make a video of you teaching basics Salsa steps & Right Turn)