I think if I ever decide on a new career it will be match-making because I love it when my students and helpers meet someone in my classes or outings. I feel just a little bit responsible for the new romance and I love it!

I was reading someone’s blog about how she met her boyfriend and it was during salsa classes in her area. Click here to read the story. It reminds me of so many of my students’ stories and I am definitely a sucker for romance. It made me really think about how great salsa classes are to meet someone.

The main reason is that you don’t need a partner and everyone rotates. You can come with your friends or on your own but most people without a significant other will rotate and that is where the fun and socializing takes place. You can laugh together at your mistakes, discuss where you went to practice and set up times to meet up at outings. You already have something in common and that alone is a great beginning.

I also think outings are amazing because instead of meeting 30 others in your class you now have an opportunity to meet 300 others and again you have a common thread and a great conversation starter in your dance background.

Since starting to teach I have had countless students and helpers find a significant other through the classes and outings. I would love to hear your stories especially if you met someone in our classes. Drop us a comment!