Wow I read a wonderful salsa blog post from The Unlikely Salsero, who I have commented about in a past blog. I love his blog and he recently wrote a Thanksgiving post that was very touching and inspiring. For every person right now who needs a little encouragement, motivation and drive to move past your current plateau or stage, read the blog post “Dancing: My Personal Thanksgiving”

Just like many of you, Don, The Unlikely Salsero, did not look or feel the part of a salsa dancer. He started dancing later then most and felt very awkward throughout the first few months of dancing. It is funny because everyone who comments about themselves to me in level 1 states that they have “two left feet” with such shame. It is almost like most of us think we are the worst dancers and there is no one else in our situation. This is not true. Most people don’t have a natural musical dance talent. It is something that is earned through practice and patience. And the reward is well worth the effort.

Don lists some of the benefits he has been privileged to be rewarded with throughout his salsa journey. Here is my favourite paragraph of the blog although I encourage you to read it in full. Here he states:

“He’s simply one example of someone who made a positive impact on me and I could fill twenty pages with more examples. I’ve become friends with CEOs, manual laborers, construction workers, teachers, bus boys, accountants, models, waitresses and waiters. You name a profession and I probably have danced with them or next to them. Nobody cares about my being an older white guy or having gray hair, as long as I continue to grow as a dancer and treat others well. I dance with women young enough to be my daughter and old enough to be my mom, and it’s all good. It’s amazing, and I don’t think it ends. Social dancing keeps me thinking about how I can be a better friend, connect with more people, and grow my circles of contacts. The diversity is a big win for me. Although I have to admit I’ve always loved people, social dancing opens a new, wide world of interesting relationships.”

Feel free to share some of your salsa experiences. Communication is a great way to move past the physical and mental blocks or hurdles and move to a new place where the rewards far outweigh the risks.