Last night I taught my last classes until January. It is always a strange feeling to not teach…you feel like you are supposed to be somewhere with people waiting for you. Have to get used to relaxing for a while!

It was a great semester – it flew by faster then any other. I found the students to be really enjoyable – fun and dedicated and ready to learn. I also find that every year the students get better and I have to add just a little bit more to the syllabus to keep them challenged and progressing. Maybe it is that their practicing has increased or maybe I just keep honing my method of teaching and it is easier to get through the material. Whatever the case it is nice to see the students mastering difficult combinations.

Many people are worried about taking a month off of salsa…they may start to forget the moves. To combat this, make sure you practice. Purchase the DVD and work along it. Go to salsa clubs – there is a least one club open every night of the week. Go to the Monday Toronto Dance Salsa practice at Adelaide Club – there are still two weeks to go. Go to the Toronto Salsa Practice sessions on Saturday at Trinity Church downtown.

We also have one more outing on Friday Dec 28th at 9:15pm at Plaza Flamingo. Come out and support our team of helpers who have been practicing their performance routine for months and are ready to show you their stuff!

I want to thank all my students for a great semester – it was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again in January!