Saturday at Acrobat!

There were tons of new faces and dancers of all levels.

Well it’s been so long since I posted on my blog but Saturday definitely inspired a blog post. … Read More

Office Closes Dec 6th to 26th

Wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and an amazing end to 2007!

I wanted to post some information before I leave because I will be closing the TDS office from … Read More

Watch and learn

Dancing and practicing is not the only way to improve your salsa. Watching others dance is also an … Read More

My last classes :(

Last night I taught my last classes until January. It is always a strange feeling to not teach…you … Read More

Want to Get Inspired?

Feel free to share some of your salsa experiences.

Wow I read a wonderful salsa blog post from The Unlikely Salsero, who I have commented about in … Read More

Girls Night

Thanks for the great conversation and evening ladies.

I love girls night and Saturday evening was no exception. I set up a small casual girls night … Read More

Salsa at Our Open House

It is funny to watch salsa dancers.

So Evan and I finally moved into our new townhouse last month and decided to hold a big … Read More