I love girls night and Saturday evening was no exception. I set up a small casual girls night (the last one probably before I leave to get married in 2 weeks) and it turned out to be a surprise bachelorette party. It was so much fun and so thoughtful of these wonderful friends. Of course an evening can’t be complete without salsa talk as these are all Toronto Dance Salsa instructors/assistants.

One of the conversations we had is how drama-free the TDS team is in comparison to many salsa groups. From past experience I know that just like work or school, salsa groups have lots of drama, competition, romances and friendships gone wrong. But with our TDS core team of instructors and helpers which has more than 60 people in the group, it is very rare to hear of any incidents. Everyone is really there to be social and enjoy the fun, stress-free environment. This is what I love most about what I do. Seeing students catch the salsa bug and grow and develop into helpers and really come out of their shell and become different people. They may move on to other groups in the future but I can be proud that their initial first years of salsa experience were positive, passionate and gave them a really good base of friendships, dance partners and dance experience.

Thanks for the great conversation and evening ladies – you all rock!