So Evan and I finally moved into our new townhouse last month and decided to hold a big Open House for our friends, co-workers and all the salsa helpers.

We were a little worried because 60 people responded that they were coming and while our new home is quite spacious, 60 people may be cutting it close.

Well all 60 people did end up coming and within a couple of hours the tables and sofas were moved and the salsa addicts had turned our home into a salsa club! The non-salsa friends watched in wonder as the salsa helpers danced their way through song after song. Evan and I through in the towel and started dancing too although socks and hardwood floor makes for one slippery dance. The good news is that our floors have never been so shiny!

It is funny to watch salsa dancers. We have a hard time sitting still when salsa music is on. I put on salsa music throughout dinner and everyone couldn’t wait to push the tables aside to bust out the moves.

Hope everyone had a great time. We’ll be sure to do it again!