A Good Article.

10 Things you didn't know about Salsa dancing.

I found a nice simple article called “10 Things You Didn’t Know bout Salsa Dancing” on a webiste … Read More

The great debate.

Salsa in your blood?

I was reading a debate on salsaforums.com called “Salsa in your blood??? Give me a break” that asks … Read More

Mambo Peligroso: A Novel

It is centered around the New York Mambo Scene in the late nineties and does a great job of describing salsa dancing and the addictive lives of serious salseros

While on vacation I ran out of books and decided to peruse the cruise ship library’s selections of … Read More

Steven’s Email

A salsa lover.

I received the following email from Steven, a salsa lover who likes this blog. Here it is: “Dear … Read More

Helper Outing on Saturday

Next outing will definitely be more adventurous though so get ready for it!!

At the end of every semester I take the helpers out to do something special on me as … Read More

La Excelencia

Ozzy who is one of my level 4 students and a new helper in our Saturday classes recently … Read More