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Reshma Ramjattan, a regular guest writer for my blog, went to see Feel the Noise this weekend and has written a review for you all to check out. I also went to see the movie over the weekend – my review is definitely different so I will write my thoughts tomorrow and allow you to see a couple of different reviews of the movie.


Feel the Noise Review by Reshma Ramjattan

“Hey everyone,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving long weekend. I had a chance to check out Feel The Noise on Monday and it was really good.

Jennifer Lopez produced it and Omarion from the R&B group B2K is one of the main stars. The movie is about the rise of reggaeton music in today’s society and its Puerto Rican roots. Omarion’s character Rob is an aspiring hip-hop artist and he moves from New York to San Juan to live with his estranged father. There he meets his half brother Javi, who is an online DJ. Javi introduces Rob to reggaeton and takes him out to a few clubs. Rob hadn’t heard of this type of music before because all he had known was hip-hop, being from the streets. Rob immediately falls in love with the music and he and Javi decide to collaborate their individual music styles and talent to hopefully get signed to a record deal. Along the way Rob meets Javi’s friend C.C., an aspiring dancer, and they all help each other follow their own paths and believe in their dreams.

The thing I loved most about this movie was the dancing and the music. The club scenes made me want to go dancing right after the movie was done. I went to see it with my cousin and we were both dancing in our seats the whole time. I’ve always loved reggaeton, but I didn’t realize how popular it was. After seeing this movie, I saw just how big of a sensation it is, not just in Puerto Rico but everywhere. And the nice thing about this genre of music is that, like salsa, you don’t have to be Latin or speak Spanish to appreciate and enjoy it. It’s all about the rhythm and how it makes you feel.

The one thing I didn’t like about this movie was that, at the beginning, it seemed a lot like other dance movies I had seen before. An underprivileged kid from the ghetto is an aspiring musician looking to be a big star; he/she gets into trouble and someone rescues them and they turn their life around etc. But I quickly realized that this movie was different; it was really about the love and passion for the music and how it impacts peoples’ lives.

The thing I love about music is that it unifies mankind. No matter what race, religion or age you are and regardless of where you come from, everyone can enjoy the same music and dance to the same song. I think that was the biggest message in the movie. At the beginning, Rob didn’t know anything outside of his own surroundings in NY. All he knew was hip-hop. But by the end of the movie, he had found a new love for reggaeton although he didn’t speak a word of Spanish.

I definitely think Feel The Noise is worth checking out and I know you’ll find yourself dancing during the movie. I really liked it and I think you will too.”