Anyone watching Dancing with the Stars these days? I wish I could say I have been able to catch the show but I teach in the evenings and very rarely get to catch a rerun. I do sometimes get curious about the Mambo performances that are taking place on the show and YouTube is a great place to see the reruns!

I wish the Mambo routines were more authentic but they usually don’t even use Latin music. Below are two routines.

The first is Marie Osmond dancing Mambo. Obviously the technique is not there and her dancing is not as strong as some of the others but I preferred this routine simply because they used a Latin song

Now check out Mark Cuban who had a stronger routine but they did it to Nelly’s Rap Song…the feeling is completely changed and it doesn’t even look like Mambo.

I wish the music was more authentic because there is so much more energy to it. Anyone have any opinions about this or has any opinions as to who will win??