I know I already wrote a blog about Dancing with the Stars a few days ago but I have to voice my frustration again. I just don’t remember it being so frustrating and overdone in the last few seasons but maybe it has been a lot longer than I remember.

What is the deal with the music choices? On Monday, out of 10 or 12 performances, there was only one choreography to a Latin song. The rest were to country songs (seriously???) and other genres of music that just don’t suit sexy Latin dances such as the Samba and Cha Cha.

The other frustration was the inconsistency of the judges. I haven’t watched many episodes but I have seen enough to see that they definitely have their favourites regardless of how well or badly they performed. They will tell one person that they didn’t dance enough, that there was no substance to the performance and yet another couple will completely get away with a performance that is full of walking, stopping and posing. I really think the judges need to get some consistency in their feedback and scoring.

When I compare this show to a solid show like So You Think You Can Dance, there is just no comparison. Dancing with the Stars is very superficial and has less to do with actual dancing and more to do with stars trying to regain their stardom. So You Think You Can Dance is amazing to watch with real people who have an extreme passion and love of dancing develop and grow in a professional environment.

Just my opinion…would love to hear some other opinions!