Salsa Chemistry

Chemistry is very personal and there is no rhyme or reason.

You’ve worked really hard to be a good lead/follow and you have been eagerly anticipating a dance with … Read More

Should You Talk and Dance?

Is the dance floor a place for extensive conversation or a serious haven for silence?

It is an interesting question – should you talk and dance at the same time? Is the dance … Read More

To Partner or Not to Partner – Pt 2?

Be flexible to dance with others and you will enjoy coming back to each other more.

This post is continued from last week…the question is: Do you become a better dancer faster with a … Read More

Babaluu’s Last Night!

It was great to get back on the dance floor!

Well it was another fun night at Babaluu’s last night. I hadn’t been dancing there for a few … Read More

Flash vs Smooth

Partner Preferences.

Yesterday KT posted a discussion on our forums regarding Partner Preferences that said: “When I first started dancing … Read More

Steven’s Email

A salsa lover.

I received the following email from Steven, a salsa lover who likes this blog. Here it is: “Dear … Read More