It is an interesting question – should you talk and dance at the same time? Is the dance floor a place for extensive conversation or a serious haven for silence?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer because salsa means different things to different people. For some it is purely for the creative release, for others it is about the exerciser’s high, for many it is a social outlet to meet new people and maybe develop a potential romance. So depending on why you are on the dance floor, you will have different expectations regarding conversations on the dance floor.

If both dancers are there for the social aspect then conversing while dancing is great as long as it isn’t dangerous or gets in the way of other dancers. My advice for the social dancer is not to expect that every partner you ask will want to converse. Start with simple small talk and feel out the situation. If the conversation is easy and two sided and you are aware of what is happening on the dance floor, then great! However if your partner seems to prefer to enjoy the silence then respect this. Also if you find yourself getting carried away with conversation and not paying attention on the dance floor then please concentrate on safely and effectively finishing the dance and continue the conversation off the dance floor.

From my experience most serious dancers prefer mild small talk and then to just enjoy the dance in silence. That way you can stay alert, reactive and in the moment. Don’t be offended if that is the situation. It is, after all, a dance floor, not a chat floor and that is usually why you have cozy corners in most clubs where you can hang out and chat!