Well it was another fun night at Babaluu’s last night. I hadn’t been dancing there for a few weeks and, as usual, it was great to get back on the dance floor!

It is so nice to see how many current and graduated Toronto Dance Salsa students there were in attendance. About 25% of the club was filled with our group and I loved seeing everyone enjoying their new skills.

I always enjoy Wednesdays because there is more space to dance. Yesterday was even better then expected because it was soooo cold and windy. I wasn’t sure if anyone would come out but salsa dancers don’t let little things like minus twenty degree weather get in the way of their fun time!

We came in just in time to dance to La Pallomilla by Joe Cuba, a great salsa song to dance to and get going.

Thanks to Evan, Tawfiq, Rob, Ozzy, Daniel and everyone else I danced with last night. Looking forward to next week’s Babaluu night!