This post is continued from last week…the question is: Do you become a better dancer faster with a partner or without?

Part 2 – continued

So what is my point? Both scenarios made me the dancer I am now. I wouldn’t trade either experience and I value each for the individual strengths it provided me. I don’t believe a student that tells me they can’t progress or practice because they don’t have a partner. That is maybe an excuse for feeling uncomfortable about going out and putting yourself out on the dance floor. I also don’t think that couples taking classes should always dance with each other if their goal is to become better dancers. If you are just coming to salsa classes to bond with your partner, by all means you should stay together – that is the point of why you are there. But if you are moving up the levels and are realizing you really want to improve and hone your skills, rotate even occasionally so that you can experience all the other leads and follows and learn to really dance.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. If you are partner-less, enjoy the freedom! It is an amazing experience to go out and dance with whoever you like. Trust me, when it is your time you will meet the right partner for you and have both experiences if that is what you want. If you are partnered, don’t feel you have to always dance together. Be flexible to dance with others and you will enjoy coming back to each other more.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences on this topic!