On Saturday Evan and I celebrated our engagement with a big bash at Evan’s parents amazing home. With about 125 people it was closer to a wedding reception than an engagement party and it was a huge success thanks to all the planning and preparation of Evan’s wonderful parents.

What I wanted to mention was how outstanding the salsa band was that was hired – the Clave Kings. They play regularly at Marlow’s in Richmond Hill on Wednesdays and I have heard also at 6 Degrees on Tuesdays and Lula Lounge on the weekends.

If anyone is looking for an amazing salsa band to hire for their event, this is the band for you. First of all they are extremely versatile. From merengue to bachata to cha cha to salsa and more, they can do it all. They are so energetic yet not in your face asking for attention. They talk to the guests and gage what everyone wants to hear and cater to the crowd.

Their sound is so crisp and what is amazing is that we only used 4 of them for our party. They can go all the way up to a 10 piece band but even with just four people they sound so great you can’t tell some instruments are missing.

Yani Borrell is the lead singer of Clave Kings. He is very professional to deal with and they arrived early. Because we were dealing with rain and were late in our lunch they didn’t even take a break so that we could get more dancing time in. If anyone wants to reach the clave kings they can do so at [email protected].

Thanks Clave Kings – awesome job!