It is such a relief to confirm and post upcoming schedules. I always feel very guilty when our semesters sell out and there is no space for new salsa students. I have had to turn down students for the last few weeks who were interested in salsa lessons for the summer so I am happy to say the fall schedule is now posted and there are lots of options to choose from with over 20 salsa classes.

For those asking about August classes (I get tons of inquiries a day just about whether there are August classes) we do not have any classes beginning in August. This is because our current semester is still in progress and classes will end in August. Second of all, most people go on vacation in August so that is not a great month for good attendance and we prefer to have classes begin in September when things settle down and people return to their normal schedules.

I do have to say that attendance has been better this summer than any other summer that I remember. It definitely shows the dedication of our students that they chose to come in to our classes instead of spending the time outside in the gorgeous weather. Hopefully this will last until the end of the semester!

Happy registration!