Yesterday you got to read Reshma’s review of Feel the Noise. She gave a great breakdown of the movie and really showed it in a positive manner. I am not that kind, I think 🙂

Evan and I, along with Velina and Galin, checked out the movie Sunday evening. We all had very similar opinions. Basically there was a huge disappointment that the movie had almost no dancing. We weren’t expecting the movie to be full of dancing but in the reviews most of the scenes shown were dance related and, as always, dancers love to see dance movies. That is the only reason we went to see the movie. There was almost no dancing and what was shown was the same booty grind/roll move in every scene. There was a one minute scene which had some better moves but it didn’t last long and when compared to such recent dance movies as “Step Up” and “You Got Served”, there is almost no comparison. Check out the final dance scene from Step Up by clicking here. Check out the first scene from You Got Served which had amazing hip hop dancing by clicking here.

Most dance movies are cheesy but if the dancing is entertaining, most of us don’t care. This movie, which had almost no dancing, was particularly cheesy. The plot was obvious, there was very little comedy, good drama or even good romance to keep us interested.

I was excited to read Reshma’s opinion because it does show that one’s opinion is just that: their opinion. We would love to hear what you thought of the movie so don’t hesitate to let us know!