I read today this interesting blog about a salsa dancer who went to try Tango. Click here to read the post.

She had a lot of interesting points for anyone thinking of taking up Tango after dancing salsa as I do. Tango is the only other partner dance that I am very interested in and would love to really immerse myself in one day to learn fully. But salsa dancers beware, the dance is complete different from salsa and if you think that your salsa experience will be useful, you may be surprised to hear that it can be a hindrance in many areas.

Abha states in her blog that “Tango is the complete opposite of salsa. In salsa, all your energy is out there — wild, fun and sexy. In tango, you have to contain all your energy inside you — to feel powerful, intense, smooth and seductive. Your look alone should have the power to kill.”

Evan and I took a private Argentine Tango lesson last year and I found it to be exactly this. My hips/knees which work automatically now were not useful – I had to hold them back from moving. Our hand hold was completely different, the music was completely different, the stance, the energy, the lead – all completely different. You have to try to unlearn everything you have gained from salsa, throw it out, and start new.

I have to say I still loved it – loved the challenge and intensity. I would definitely recommend the dance once you feel you need a challenge. I wouldn’t do it in conjunction with learning salsa as it may mess up both the dances for you. Master salsa first and then go on to the Tango challenge. But be warned, don’t expect it to be easy!