Here is a great review from Reshma who went to see the J Lo/Marc Anthony Concert last week…

“Hello salseros/salseras!

I went to see Jennifer Lopez (otherwise known as J.Lo) and Marc Anthony live in concert at the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night and all I have to say is: WOW!

It was J.Lo’s first-ever tour and although the concert started an hour late, it was well worth the wait. Marc opened the show with a 75-minute beautiful performance of some of his Spanish and English hits, such as “ I Need To Know”, “Hasta Que Te Conoci” and “Mi Gente” and “Aguanile”, two songs from his recent movie, El Cantante, which he costars in with J.Lo. Wearing a very classic ensemble of black pants and a white shirt, and accompanied by a 15-piece salsa band, Marc’s passion for his music, his fans and his wife were apparent. Throughout his songs, he interacted with fans, blew kisses and collected various flags given to him. Before he serenaded us with “You Sang to Me”, he told the story of how he had written the song years ago for a cute and adorable girl…who is now his wife. As the stadium was pitch black and the lone spotlight was on him to sing “Preciosa”, the crowd gave him such a loud standing ovation, the ACC was shaking. I was blown away by how good of a live singer Marc was. His voice was so beautiful, every song he performed gave me chills. You could tell how passionate he is when he sings, it’s like the words are coming from his soul. And you can tell he means what he’s singing about. I’m sure every woman in there was wishing that a guy would sing to them like that!

After Marc’s performance, I thought he would be a hard act to follow, but J.Lo didn’t disappoint. She opened with her new hit “Do It Well” from her new album, Brave. She had a lot of flashy pyrotechnics in her set which added to her colourful outfits. She had a few wardrobe changes throughout the night, from her blue and gold bell-bottom opening number to a black and gold sequin hip-hop outfit for the remix version of “I’m Real” to a green shiny outfit for her performance of her salsa/pop song “I’m Loud”. She took us down memory lane by singing her very first hit song “If You Had My Love”, which came out eight years ago, “Waiting For Tonight” and “Jenny From The Block” which was released during her Bennifer days. With images of a burning car in the background and fire shooting from the ground, she sang “Que Hiciste” from her sole Spanish-language album, a song about a woman scorned. She also introduced “Hold It, Don’t Drop It”, a fusion of jazz, rock and pop from her new album. She sang her heart out and danced her booty off. She didn’t dance as much as I thought she would (maybe because she’s pregnant?) but the routines that she did with her backup dancers were hot. And let me tell you, the girl can salsa like it’s nobody’s business! She shimmied and shook all over the stage, driving the crowd wild. And all the while, she looked absolutely stunning.

At the end of her performance, she and Marc serenade the crowd with “Por Arriesgarnos” and “No Me Ames” and shared a sweet little kiss. It was a beautiful and very fitting encore to a great concert.”