Well I found this blog about a person who loves salsa but could not understand the salsa beats. Click here to read Doug’s story. Doug has been struggling, as many others including new students, with finding the beat and being able to lead musically.

Well it turns out someone read his blog and has offered to convert Doug into a musical marvel – all over the medium of email/internet. Check out The Unlikely Salsero. Don learned to dance salsa at age 40 but has been a musician since childhood and teaches instructors about musicality. He took on the challenge of teaching Doug about salsa music.

I think this is wonderful. I am curious to see how Doug progresses in his learning. If any of my students want to follow Don’s exercises, it would be great – we can keep track on this blog and follow your progression too !

Let me know how it goes and I will keep you posted on Doug’s progress.

Good luck Doug and Don!!