I get frequent phone calls from parents who want to enroll their children into our salsa classes. So I just wanted to clarify and answer questions for parents and kids/teens.

Our classes are adult salsa classes. It doesn’t mean we haven’t had older children or teens in the class but it is focused on adult learning. There are a few dance schools that offer salsa for children specifically so children dance with children which works well.

We have on occasion had a parent come with their child and they didn’t rotate. This is fine. We have also had parents enroll their teenage child (14 was the youngest) with the understanding that the teen would rotate with adult students. We have also had two teenagers sign up together as partners and they didn’t rotate. All of these scenarios can work and did work very well for these families.

Salsa is a sensual dance. If it is a children’s only class that element can be take out. In an adult class there would be some focus on this. As long as parents are aware of this, it can be a great learning experience for kids and teens!