Many salsa lovers are very excited about the release of the movie “El Cantante” starring Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez about the true life story of legendary salsa singer Hector Lavoe. El Cantante is opening up on Friday August 3rd in Toronto theatres and salseros are buzzing about the movie!

Hector, who was born in Puerto Rico and moved to New York in the 1960s, grew to become one of the most famous salsa singers in history. His popularity still lives strong with clubs continually playing his popular hits and new salsa bands reliving his music.

Hector Lavoe is played by Marc Anthony who is also an extremely popular Latin artist. Alongside his real-life wife, Jennifer Lopez, who plays his on-screen wife, the movie is said to pack some powerful performances. Both Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are Puerto Rican and this was a labour of love project. The movie is said to be heart-warming, funny and a sad story of the death of one of salsa’s greatest performers.

Looking forward to letting you all know how the movie turns out. For more info on the movie and to see a sneak preview video, click here.