Wow, how much fun was Montana’s last night! With almost 250 people in attendance and still so much room to dance, rest, chat and relax it is such a great location.

We are definitely lucky to have found Montana’s. Unfortunately they will only allow us to host a salsa night on Sundays as opposed to Fridays or Saturdays. However, if we start early enough (7pm seems to work quite well) then people will dance until 10pm and still get their salsa fix.

That is exactly what happened last night. We have about 120ppl in attendance for our classes from 7-8pm and by 8:30pm we had almost 200ppl there. We were busiest at about 9pm and by 10pm people started to go home. The party was still going at 11:30pm when I left after a long day of classes at Northridge and the outing which was great to see but it was nice to start early and go to bed early for Monday morning.

Kimberly and Ildi taught the absolute beginner class, Rob and Sara taught the level 1s and Evan and I taught the intermediate class. It is always so nice to see students executing the moves during the night and everyone looked great dancing!

We are trying to get our next outing there too so fingers crossed!