Some of you may have seen the documentary called Mad About Ballroom which came out about 4 years ago. The move documented the journey of several young kids who learned the art of ballroom dancing in their elementary schools in New York City. As part of the mandatory curriculum, ballroom dancing took these kids and transformed them into Ladies and Gentlemen and the journey was really great to see.

I would love to see dancing become a regular part of the curriculum in our elementary schools. There is so much life lessons that can be learned on the dance floor that I feel kids could benefit from nowadays.

Dancing teaches men and women to communicate verbally and non verbally. It teaches chivalry and manners, things that are somehow missing in today’s world. It sharpens concentration, flexibility, coordination and it keeps kids and adults healthy and in shape.

I highly recommend renting this DVD and seeing all the benefits of dancing for kids and adults alike. Hopefully Canada will someday incorporate dancing into the school system!