We don’t do trial classes because we want to make sure that the school numbers, the ratio in each class is balanced.

One of the worst things is to be left out standing while everyone has a partner and you don’t. We work hard to make sure that the numbers for followers and leaders is balanced. So if we have ten leaders, we want to have ten followers so everyone has a chance to dance together and not be left out.

Now there is a legitimate worry that you might have, “what if I don’t fit in?”.  I’m trying to think of reasons why at our school you won’t fit in. Maybe you’re worried that you have two left feet. Our school is designed that every adult who doesn’t feel like they can coordinate themselves can learn to dance.

We realize that not everybody grows up dancing, that some people learn when they’re 20 when they’re 30, 50, or 60. It doesn’t matter what their age is. Our structure is designed that you learn week by week and build slowly on the knowledge you learned the previous week. We level you up by building your confidence and skills every week.  We give you enough knowledge that you feel like you’re stretching yourself but not overwhelmed.

Another reason why you might think you might not fit in is you’re worried that maybe people will judge you or laugh at you because you’re having a hard time. Well, not at our school! We make sure that the instructors, the helpers and the volunteers that walk around and dance with the students give you a supportive and enriching environment.

One of the things I talk a lot about on the first day of the class is, all you need to do is to come in every class with a smile.  Be supportive, high five everyone around you and I will get you where you want as a dancer. But if you’re not laughing, you’re not having fun, it’s kind of hard. So don’t obsess about the steps cause we got a system that would take care of the steps. You just got to come in and have fun!

I think too many people are too hard on themselves. Maybe you’re worried because you’re a perfectionist and you just want to nail it the first time. Nobody nails anything in the first time. So focus on every class does, gaining a few more inches and improving. Do the process of making friends, having fun, building confidence, connecting, being part of the culture and so much more.

Part of our whole culture is belonging. You #belong! That means you just got to accept yourself for the unique and awesome person that you are. Bring that personality to our studio and you will fit in just right!

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Welcome to the family.