Yes, it just depends on the comfort level of the instructor you’re reaching out to.

In my experience, for example, I’ve had my Salsa students at different levels who asked me to come over to their place. They’re having a birthday dance and they want me to teach them and their friends a Salsa or Bachata. I’ve been happy to do that only because I’m familiar with the students, it all just feels safe and comfortable. The most important thing for us, for our instructors to feel safe and comfortable.

“So why not use our dance studio?” I honestly ask you that. The great thing about our studio is we’ve got great lighting and we’ve got great floors. A lot of other locations have carpets or linoleum and as a dance experience, it’s really tough to be able to turn on those kinds of floors. Also, we have a big wide open space. That means there’s lots of room to move around and nobody can get injured. We’ve got mirrors where you get to see yourself and your instructor in a lot of different angles. Plus, we’ve got an amazing sound system.

The best of all is every instructor gets to book the dance studio when they’re doing their private lesson to our calendar. They can book it off when it’s good for you and the instructor as well. So the student’s schedule is pretty flexible unless it’s evenings when we’re running our own group classes.

So yes, it’s possible! It just has to depend on the comfort level of the instructor whether or not they know you and also what kind of events. Just email us and honestly send us all the details. Tell us what you’re looking for or what you want to learn. Tell us if it is a group event or a private event, then we’ll figure out the rest and help you make it an awesome experience!

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Welcome to the family.