Well Who Knew? My First Salsa Blog!

If you had told me last year that I would decide to write a blog I would have vehemently denied it but here I am, on day 1 of the Toronto Dance Salsa Blog. The reason for my change of heart is mainly that blogs seem to be an easy medium to get information out to people worldwide especially on topics that may not have a permanent place on our website but are still very relevant and worthy of discussion. There is so much news that I have to share with everyone on the topic of dance so I hope this blog will help to keep everyone informed on anything salsa related!

I will keep this blog separate and different from Alfred and Nina’s Salsa in Review section which focuses on reviewing clubs, congresses, events and music.

I hope to have students, helpers and other salsa bloggers contribute to this blog also to share their ideas and knowledge so let me know if you would like to contribute in some way. Feedback about the blog is also greatly appreciated so thank you in advance for your thoughts and recommendations.