Here is a great post on tips for preparing for your private lessons from Evan…remember that this is also useful for group classes so keep his tips in mind for every class you have!

Private Lessons – Part 1: Getting Ready

Guest writer: Evan Carmichael

Yesterday evening I helped one of our new Toronto Dance Salsa students prepare for the new semester by doing a private lesson with her. We went over the salsa basics and part of Level 1 and I thought it would be a useful exercise to write about a great idea she had.

The first thing she did when she came in was pull out a pad of paper and a pen so she could take notes at the end of the private. Once our lesson was complete she took notes on what we had learned. She wrote down the names of the moves and the important things to remember for each one. I was impressed!

Learning salsa involves a lot of practice until you can get it into muscle memory. When you take a private lesson it’s easy to learn a lot very quickly and then forget it the next day. If you don’t practice you won’t remember. By writing down what you learned you are more likely to remember when you are practicing at home so you are better prepared for the next time you go out.

A good rule of thumb is to practice what you learned in a private lesson immediately again when you get home to cement the muscle memory. Practice again the next day and as much as you can throughout the week. Even if it’s only for a few minutes or while washing the dishes, practice makes perfect!

So the next time you take a private lesson or even a group class, bring a pad of paper and a pen to write down what you learned and what the most important things to remember are. You’ll remember the right way to do the move a lot more clearly and become a much better dancer as a result!

Good luck!

Evan Carmichael