More and more I get new students who have taken classes somewhere else or learned to dance in the clubs and want to go to a higher level. Here is the process…

Pease don’t sign up fo the level you believe you are ready for – it is rarely an accurate level because every school has a different syllabus or moves in every level. Our level 1 will not be the same as another dance school’s level 1. As well there are so many different styles of salsa. I have so many students who are preficient at the circular Columbian style of salsa but have no experience with the New York/LA style salsa which is definitely a different style and needs to be taught properly.

Instead, email us to set up a free assessment. We will gladly meet with you after class for 5 minutes and dance with you and let you know which level you belong. Sometimes it will disappoint a student to know they are not as advanced as thy originally thought. Please don’t be disappointed or upset to go back a level. It will only make you stronger and if you learn the first two levels properly you will have a very solid foundation and no serious issues when developing into an advanced dancer. However, if you rush your initial learning and skip crucial steps, you will always struggle and wonder why you keep hitting plateaus and can’t advance properly.

So always remember that every instructor teaches differently and to go back to level 1 can really only make you stronger.

Keep dancing!