The Benefits of Dancing Salsa

There are a ton of benefits to dancing Salsa! I’m only going to list a few but make sure you don’t stop at reading about Salsa. Go sign up for the nearest class – which may be us – Toronto Dance Salsa. It will change your life. There are so many benefits to Salsa dancing but I’m going to outline my personal top three.

Cure for Loneliness

I believe the world’s greatest problem is loneliness. Even when you have people in your life, you can still feel lonely. One of the most unexpected benefits I got when I started dancing Salsa was that I found a family. I found a community of positive people who cheered me on and who made me feel good about myself. These are the people that I would hang out with before and after class. I still spend time with people I met when I started my Salsa dance journey 13 years ago. It’s hard to make friends when you’re an adult and dancing did that for me. So if you’re feeling lonely, start dancing Salsa.

Physical Health

If you’re trying to get more fit, if you’re trying to get more physically active, Salsa is a fun way to get started. It’s the fun kind of exercise that gets you out of your house and gets you moving but it’s not boring and it doesn’t feel like a chore. In a one hour class you take about 1500-2000 steps. So imagine what can happen if you do a class and then you stay back for one of our socials for another two hours! You will be more physically active and fit all while having fun when you dance Salsa. How amazing is that?

Confidence Booster

When I started dancing, I wasn’t really confident in my body. I was overweight. I had no rhythm and didn’t feel comfortable dancing with girls. Even though I’m extroverted, I was still very self-conscious. But as I started to take dance classes and I started to get better and grow, I suddenly gained confidence in myself and in my body. Dancing Salsa even transformed the way I walk. I look much more confident and at ease in everyday situations – walking, standing, sitting. I just feel more comfortable in my body and know how it will respond. It can do the same thing for you. So it doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or extroverted, if you feel like you could use a little more confidence then Salsa dancing is for you.

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