How to Advance your Salsa

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Salsa dancer, there is always room to grow. So if you’re looking to advance your Salsa at each stage of your dancing journey, there are different techniques and tricks you can use to go to the next level. I’m here to make it as simple as possible with some practical tips to go from beginner to intermediate to advanced and beyond.

Beginner Dancers

Beginners have usually been dancing for less than a year. Or three to six months for those taking classes consistently. Social dancing is the best way to improve as a beginner. That means going out to parties, clubs, events, outings and dancing with others. If you want to get better at anything, whether swimming, Salsa, driving, or speaking a language, you have to do it as much as possible. You need to train your body to know what it feels like to dance. Even if you think you don’t know enough moves or aren’t good enough, social dancing will help you improve. You will make mistakes – but that’s how you will learn.

Intermediate Dancers

Most intermediate dancers have been dancing anywhere from six months to two or three years – maybe even longer. At the intermediate level, your focus should be on cleaning up the bad habits you have developed. This includes the timing and execution of right and left turns. Learning things like turning on five and a half instead of five will improve your dancing tremendously. A great way to learn these nuances, clean up your bad habits and learn more varied moves is by taking private lessons with your instructor.

You also need to be more familiar with Salsa music. Play Salsa music at every opportunity and tap the rhythm with your hands. This way, whatever music is playing, you can adapt. Another tip for intermediate dancers is to attend three or four-day salsa events or congresses. You want to spend as much time as possible with dancers at your level or above.

Advanced Dancers 

If you’re an advanced dancer, you have been dancing for a while and are at the semi-pro level. You may have even done a couple of performances. To advance your dancing at this level, go back to your basics. Even simple things like weight transfer are critical to becoming smoother and flowing more on the dance floor. You are essentially fine-tuning your motor skills. It’s not about the big flashy moves but about honing your instincts and using your experience.

At this level, you also really need to do private lessons with professional dancers. Sometimes, I go to a congress and hire one of the other professional dancers to give me a private lesson. It can be expensive, around $300. It’s worth it because what I’ll gain will elevate my Salsa dancing much more significantly than simply dancing with people.

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