Salsa Lessons Toronto

Need to find out where to take Salsa Lessons in Toronto? I have got you covered. You have been to a Salsa night at a club and you are hooked. You love the music, the energy, and the look of two dancers gliding across the dance floor, executing cool spins and turn patterns. You may have even tried one or two of the free classes offered at the clubs. The free lessons are fun but you still do not really “understand” Salsa music or the moves or get that smooth and effortless execution. It is time for some Salsa Lessons in Toronto!

Where to Start

There are different types of Salsa dances. In some urban centres in North America, traditional Cuban and Puerto Rican Salsa is popular. Another style is New York Style or “on two”. But the most popular style of Salsa in North America is L.A. Style or “on one”. L.A. Style is a bit easier to learn than New York Style and will quickly teach you the fundamentals of Salsa timing, weight transfer and turn pattern execution. Some dancers learn both L.A. and New York Styles to be more versatile. But many dancers decide to stick to just one style of Salsa and enjoy their time on the dance floor in that particular style. So your first step is picking a school in Toronto that offers the style of Salsa you want to learn and start taking lessons.


Luckily, in Canada, the Salsa community is very diverse. You will find all styles of Salsa. In major urban centers like Toronto or Montreal, the influence of Canada’s diverse cultural groups is very apparent. On the dance floor, you will see Cuban Style, L.A. Style and New York Style all being danced in the same club. Many of the dancers can switch from one style to the other from one song to the next. So it doesn’t matter which style of Salsa you choose. Pick a school in Toronto and start your lessons.


No matter which style you choose, it is important to stick to that style until you are very comfortable with the fundamentals of timing, weight transfer and basic moves before considering “switching” styles. Like any new skill, it is always best to focus your efforts on developing muscle memory in one discipline before moving on to another.


Once you embark on lessons be ready to commit time and energy to learning how to dance. In general, it takes a complete newbie (i.e., someone with little or no dance experience) about 6 months of actively taking lessons and going out and practicing at least twice a week to get to a point where pattern execution starts to feel “natural”.

Toronto is a great city for Salsa. So whether you take lessons at Toronto Dance Salsa or another school – just start dancing. You #belong on the dance floor.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in every week, have fun, socialize, and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here for our current schedule.

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