There is an interesting article recently published about corporations and employee morale ad motivation. In it, the writer discusses using different methods of sports, arts and other creative means as a replacement to the usual team building and motivation exercises to bring out the best in their employees. Click here to read the full article.

“Whether it involves opera or jazz singing, flamenco or salsa dancing, extreme sports or even a spot of method acting, staff across the country are being removed from their comfort zones and asked to attempt something new, and potentially embarrassing, often with dramatic results.” According to the writer, encouraging your employees to get out of their comfort zones and try something new, something physically or creatively stimulating can improve a workers morale and performance in the workplace.

Having a background in Human Resources, I remember trying to get creative in the types of activities we had our associates participate in and salsa was definitely one of them. It made people laugh and let loose, touch co-workers they normally wouldn’t and there was a real high that you would see from the team after an activity like this.

In the article, a company was profiled after a session of salsa dancing: “Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves, even though some people were slightly out of their comfort zone. Although some people were natural dancers and others less so, any embarrassment disappeared once we got going.”

When interviewed, the organizer stated that even though the results could not be measured, she thought the impact of the session was very high…morale, productivity, staff rentention, workplace relationships and teamwork were all positively influenced.

Get salsa classes happening in your corporate environment and see the difference yourself!