So what is all about this new craze of couples learning a more exciting wedding dance such as salsa instead of the usual traditional slow dance? It seems, with the influence of popular dance shows and movies, that couples are going above and beyond to create a fun entertaining evening for their guests and this includes an exciting wedding dance.

There is a great article about this topic…click here to read it. Essentially, the article talks about the great lengths that couples are going to make their wedding unforgettable. One couple spent $2500 on 30hrs of private dance lessons to be able to really feel comfortable, knowledgeable and confident in their choreographed routine.

If you are thinking of a spicier dance for your wedding there are some things you should keep in mind. I get phone calls all the time requesting private wedding lessons and I mostly just refer them to a ballroom instructor after asking them if they want something more traditional and if they have time to commit. I would only take a couple on if a) they understand what salsa looks like, it is high paced, fun, difficult to dance in a long dress and definitely not traditional b) have they taken lessons before? Starting from scratch is really difficult. If all you want is to do the basic steps and turns, then a couple of lessons may do the trick. But if you want to competent and really make an impact, this takes time and practice. For every 1 hour of private lesson, I recommend 4 hours of practice.

If you aren’t prepared to make a commitment to practice, this may not be the dance for you. My suggestion is to decide whether you want to learn to dance for the long term benefits so that it is not just about the one night. Then take the time to take some group classes and once you are prepared take some privates to hone your skills and choreograph the routine.

Happy dancing and congrats to all the engaged couples!