It was great to see so many people out for our first outing of the semester to Montana Lounge. We had close to 200 people attend the outing with many new beginner faces – thank you to all who came!

The evening began with our lessons. Kimberly and Emely took the beginner students into a separate room and taught them salsa basics, the Cuban inside turn and some Suzy Qs – very sexy! Evan and I taught the level 2s and up a difficult level 4 type combination. It was great to see everyone getting the combo and trying it out during the evening.

After some great social dancing we had our Amateur Salsa Competition Champions, Alfred and Nina, perform for us their winning routine. It was fun and energetic with some great tricks and dips – very entertaining!

It was Anthony Fajardo’s birthday (he has been a helper with us for quite a while) and we tired him out with a birthday dance.

When I left at 10:30pm the dance floor was still hopping – great to see everyone enjoying the evening so much!

Next outing: Plaza Flamingo either Oct 12th or 19th.