Part 2

Yesterday I commented on a great article I read on how salsa has changed in New York which many say is where salsa was born and cultivated. Click here to check out the article. It is very interesting to see how some are very excited by the changes and some feel the loss of an art.

If you ask Eddie Torres who really took the gritty New York Salsa and turned it into a sleeker more structured dance, he will tell you the changes in salsa are positive. It is less about partying and more about skill and focus. Young kids are no longer being integrated into a scene that promotes alcohol, smoking and even drugs. You will not likely find any great salsa dancers with any of these vices. Instead young salsa dancers feel inspired to get in shape, stay clean, work hard and dedicate themselves to the sport similar to any young athlete.

If you see Torres teach a workshop or dance, you will likely believe he truly feels the same passion and love for the dance as he did 30 years ago. So the passion of the dance is still evident. Go to a congress and you will see it. However, it is just not as free flowing and careless. And that is where the loss is felt by some.

I am so glad to see Toronto Clubs doing better then ever. We are lucky to have a choice of several good clubs to choose from 7 nights a week. All the new shows and dance movies like “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Dance with Me”, etc…have managede to introduce the art to new dancers. I know we can keep the upwards momentum and continue to enjoy this great art.