Well unfortunately for some reason El Cantante has not come out in Toronto yet and I am not sure if it actually will which is disappointing. There has been a lot of discussion about this movie and with all the talk it would make sense that it should show in Toronto. Oh well we shall see if it does…

So to combat the lack-of-dance-movies-blues, Evan and I, alongside Evan’s parents Annamarie and David, rented the movie Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School. It looked to be a small independent movie which is not my usual cup of tea but the word “dancing” and the cover of the DVD sold me so we rented it.

In case anyone was planning on seeing this movie, here are my thoughts on it. First of all, if you wanted a movie with dancing scenes in it, you will be disappointed. There was very little dancing to be seen and what was shown was very basic lessons in cha cha and merengue with the wrong music played. Definitely did not satisfy me in that way.

What was left was a very slow, although touching, story of healing and love through dance. At Marilyn Hotchkiss’ dance school, several mourning widowed gentlemen found laughter, joy and even new romance through the miracle of dance.

The story was somewhat choppy, lacked some details to make it truly believable and was too slow for the most part, but if you are looking for a simple background movie while you are doing something (e.g. working on a puzzle as in Annamarie’s case), it will be a nice movie to see.