Something amazing happened that reminded me of how important it is to surround yourself with people who have higher standards than you do.

Recently I’ve started to work out, so I started to go talk to the next-door neighbors, the F45 training. So, I’m working out and there was a person next to me, to my right and to my left. I started my health journey and just started eating healthy.

Now, what was amazing was, to my left was this really fit guy who clearly eats healthy and works out a lot. To my right is a lady who just started her health journey and who probably just started to eat healthily. And so I’m in the middle and like, it’s so literal the three stages of healthiness. Someone who just started the journey, me who’s eating healthy and starting to be physically more active and healthy. Then there’s this amazing human being who’s working on taking care of himself.

So we’re working on one of the exercises. You gotta lift a bag, a bag of sand over your heads. You hold it up, you do these squats and push through it. So you have to lift for 35 seconds and then you take a break for 20 seconds. Every time we take a break we drop the bag and we’re all like out of breath.

So we’re all exhausted, we’re all sweating. I look to the guy, to my left, and what I noticed about him is when he has a bag over his head he’s always going a little bit deeper. He’s always picking up a heavier bag.

I was looking at him and thinking that I got to step it up. If I’m serious about this, I gotta step it up. So, I pick up a little bit of a heavier bag and I’m going a little bit deeper. And the lady next to me, she’s doing this little squats. She’s working on it and she’s trying. Everybody has their own progress. So as she’s doing squats and I’m doing squats and I’m dropping the bag, I noticed something for the 20 seconds that we’re taking a break.

As I drop the bag and by the time I pick it up, we’re four or five seconds into the next set. So we’re all late. So, we start and it’s 35 seconds. We technically start at 30 by the time we pick it up. And I was like, if I’m serious about this I really gotta hustle. So, instead of dropping the bag on the ground, I put it on my shoulders and I started walking around the gym just before the bell rings. Again, I would lift it and be positioned.

And so something incredible happened. That incredible thing was the guy next to me without missing a beat, he stopped dropping his bag. He started walking around with the things like you wouldn’t take this long of a break, and then the lady who on her health journey, he stopped dropping the bag.

And so the three of us, everyone’s dropping their weights, they’re dying. We’re walking, we’re holding that sandbag on our shoulders. A stranger inspired me and I inspired a stranger. I tried both strangers to push a little bit more and it just reminded me that if strangers can affect our standards, how important is it to surround yourself with the right friends. Even the right family who have higher standards for themselves.

How often do we spend time with people who maybe complain too much and make you feel powerless and unconsciously we settle for life? It’s okay because all the people around us have kind of settled too. So I don’t want to just tell you when you think about that question of when someone inspired you. It’s really important to surround yourself with people who have higher standards for themselves because they will pull you up, because a bunch of strangers in one room for five minutes, raise each other up and their standards. Surround yourself with the right people and you’ll always do better.

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