The short answer is, we don’t do promotions in our school like Groupon or anywhere else.

One of the reasons is, to be honest, a lot of schools or other businesses when they give a discount what they really do is they often raise the price. Like a car dealership, for example, they raise the price of the car and then lower it to give a promotion. So, we don’t want to do that. We say when you come in, this is the price.

You’re going to get an amazing experience and that’s the second reason why we don’t do promotions. We work really hard to make sure numbers are balanced so everybody has partners. You have a great instructor, a great assistant and have great volunteers. These are advanced intermediate students of ours who have graduated from our levels that we invite them back to help the students.

We’re starting to learn who started to grow. We think we don’t need to discount it. When you come in, you have fun, you connect with people, you are moved. The classes stay consistent. We don’t switch the times around and we don’t switch the instructors around. We just work hard and everything is awesome!

So you will never find us on Groupon or in your mailbox for coupons because we believe that great things in life don’t come with a discount. 😉

If you look at all the big companies, the big ones like Rolex and Bugatti, if you look at any great company, they don’t really do a discount because what they offer is something incredible. That’s what we want to offer you. We want to offer you something incredible! You come in and you’re gonna get your money’s worth, and that’s the most important thing! So 20 bucks for one lesson, that’s not how we work.

This is how we work, when you sign up for the whole course and from beginning to end, you’re gonna laugh. You’re gonna find amazing people to meet with. You’re gonna connect with yourself, connect with your body, connect with your instructor and the volunteers. And once a week, you’re gonna have an incredible time on our dance floor. That’s why we don’t do promotions.

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Welcome to the family.