Well I have definitely been luck enough to get some great advice from some of the most popular international salsa dancers, performers, choreographers and instructors and Burju Hurtuk is no exception. Burju is from Hacha Y Machete Dance Co. (HYM Style) in Boston. Here is part 1 of the interview:

SG – “What is the most important piece of advice you can offer a person learning how to dance?”
BH – “I can’t be sure that this is the most important piece of advice but it is certainly top on my list when it comes to my practices. Always be a student first. Learn from as many instructors, styles and even different genres of dance as possible. The more you continue to learn the easier learning becomes and the more versatility you will have.”

SG – “What are the most important actions that students can take to see improvement?”
BH – “In dance in general to see improvement a student must continue learning and practicing as much on their own as possible in order to really apply the things they learn in classes. For Salsa specifically there is an element of reflex and spontaneity when social dancing that can only be acquired through experience. You become a better social dancer by social dancing as much as possible. It’s the same idea as driving. You become a better driver through experience driving.”

For more information on Burju and Hacha Y Machete Dance Co. (HYM Style) please click here. Part two coming soon!