I am very excited to highlight another amazing international salsa dancer, performer, choreographer and instructor. Burju from Boston is one of the founders of h.acha y. m.achete (H.Y.M.) and has been around the salsa circuit for years. Over the next few weeks I will feature my interview with Burju. To get you started, here is her bio. Don’t forget to check out her website www.hymstyle.com.

Burju is one of the original 4 founders of H.Y.M. In 2001 she became the director along with her fiancé and dance partner, Victor. The two of them ran the company part time after their day jobs. In 2003 Burju made a life changing decision to pursue a career in Latin dance. This decision was prompted when her good friend and mentor Juan Matos offered her an opportunity to tour Italy for one month. She left her job at Putnam Investments and has since traveled to over 50 cities all over the world teaching and performing. She directs and choreographs for 3 teams consisting of over 40 dancers as well as choreographs and produces showcases for a national award-winning teen troop. She has helped develop the “Learn Through Dance” in-school program that affords inner city elementary students the opportunity to learn dance and experience the benefits of engaging in the arts.

Burju has worked very hard to develop her own style of Salsa that incorporates her background in different disciplines. She began as a Rhythmic Gymnast and trained in Ballet and Jazz at a fairly young age. She then became interested in Hip-Hop and Modern and danced in various dance troops and productions. In college she became a part of a dance troop that incorporated Latin dancing. Here’s where she began her journey.

Burju met her fiancé and best friend through dance, which is the main reason it remains such a major part of her life. Dance has given them the opportunity to be entrepreneurs together and to travel the world together.