Well I haven’t been able to fully enjoy the opening of our studio. As beautiful as it is, as large and spacious, the location and all the reasons why I fell in love with the space wasn’t as significant when the air conditioning doesn’t work properly 🙂 To see all the students get so sweaty and hot takes a little of the satisfaction out.

But 2 weeks later and 5 days of full time work by 3 air conditioning specialists and we are in action! The men finished the work at 5pm yesterday and all the Monday students and helpers were able to enjoy a nice cool studio. What a difference and what a relief!

Thank you to everyone who attended classes and did so with great spirit. I definitely have the best students in the world – not one complain! So now you can all look forward to coming to classes and staying as cool as one can possibly be dancing salsa 😉

So now I can start raving about how much I love the new studio. The location – wow! I searched for over 1 year for a great space for us and it was rough sailing for a while. You wouldn’t believe how many places turned us down because they believed dance studios are noisy. Funny enough 7 years ago I taught at Empress Walk at “Lifesport Fitness Club” which went bankrupt. So now it is a full circle and it felt great to see our signs come up. Check out our Yonge Street sign which will be up next week!

What else do I love about the studio? The floors are so slippery I can wear non-dance shoes and still be able to do multiple turns. The stereo is crazy powerful. The students aren’t squished and I don’t have to ask for permission to hold classes – what could be better??

Now that the air conditioning is in we can have a big grand opening party and begin our Sunday salsa socials. We’ll announce the dates shortly!!